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Here you'll see some of our recently created projects showcasing Hi-Tech Fabricator's skills, talent and equipment. Please check back frequently for updated postings.

FMI Case FMI Case FMI Case FMI Case

18 March 2013 | Stainless Steel Assembly
The Assembly shown here is made from 20 Gauge Stainless Steel. Completely manufactured and assembled in-house, the box consists of over a dozen mounting holes for electrical components, all precision located based on a .005in tolerance standard. The Assembly also includes a perforation pattern established through an open area formula that allows for the correct amount of airflow through the box.


SOC Tester SOC Tester SOC Tester SOC Tester

12 February 2013 | SOC Tester
This part is made from 12 gauge Aluminum. Using our Vipros Thick Turret Punch Press we are able to achieve the coining of the countersinks, forming of the louvers as well as parting all in one step. The part is cleaned formed and powder coated , then multiple silk-screens are applied to provide the three color scheme.


project image project image project image project image project image

17 January 2013 | Galvanized Electrical Enclosure
This electrical enclosure was made from 16 Gauge Galvanized material. It has multiple formed flanges and includes 10 bends. The part also has 3 different sized tapped holes and includes 16 different knockouts for wiring purposes. Formed using our Amada Vipros Punch Press these knockouts can be easily removed from the part allowing for extremely easy wiring. The divider in the middle is made from 1/8in thick Lexan and was manufactured in house. It’s located and held in place with a series of tabs.


project image project image project image

9 January 2013 | Solidworks Designed and Hands Free Machining.
The heat sink shown here was manufactured from 5052-H32 Aluminum blocks. Using Solidworks to design, the product was transferred over to a machining specific CAM software allowing for tool path optimization. Combine this with hands free machining and we were able to manufacture this product easily and efficiently, at large volumes.


Project Picture Project picture
1 January 2013 | Solidworks Designed and Laser Cut.
This product was manufactured from .060” thick 304 Stainless Steel. Designed in Solidworks, the part was easily transferred over to our ML1212HD Laser Processor, and cut with minimal burring, or scratching. The part was polished, and then formed which gives it a much stronger and more rigid frame.





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